Biodegradable Pots


Modiform have created Eco-Expert- a brand of products made from paper pulp material. The products are recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and food safe.

Modiform’s Eco-Expert product range is made from paper fibre instead of plastic. The paper used is 100% recycled (waste from production of cardboard boxes), and the products made from it can be easily recycled through the standard household or retailer recycling system. Not only can it be recycled and composted but if it does make its way into the natural environment it will degrade completely within a year, meaning there is no threat to animals or fish.

EcoExpert is made from a natural and sustainable material, cardboard. The cardboard used comes from FSC sources,  is plentiful and 100% waste material. The fibres from cardboard are longer than paper fibers so they produce stronger  end products. Moulded pulp products have microscopic holes, which is not great when working within the horticulture environment as water can easily escape or penetrate into the material making it weak. Modiform uses a natural wax additive in the cardboard mix which blocks the microscopic holes and creates a water barrier. This natural wax is com-pletely biodegradable and can be recycled with all other cardboard through the normal recycling systems.