plant pagoda tower


Plant Pagoda Tower

If you're looking for a unique and stylish planter, then the geViews Plant Pagoda is the high-impact answer.

The self-watering planter immediately grabs your attention, providing high style and colour to both urban and rural areas.

The geViews Plant Pagoda has large water reservoirs in each tier, all of which are filled from a single point in the top tier. All plants are watered via the capillary matting system, which dramatically cuts down on the time spent and cost of watering.

Once planted, the Plant Pagoda really comes to life when it boasts a truly beautiful display of plants and flowers. The height can be changed to best suit the space available, by adding or removing tiers. Use all seven tiers to create a stunning centrepiece which is an impressive 2 metres high. 

The planter can also be easily moved, using the fork-lift runners built into the base. 



- Available with 2 - 7 tiers

- Rain Groove to prevent water staining

- Soft Edge sides for healthier plants

- Large capacity water reservoir in each tier 

- Available in all colours



Base foot print: 1090 x 1090 mm

2 tiers: Height - 710mm, Capacity - 130L (compost), 37L (water)

3 tiers: Height - 960mm, Capacity - 154L (compost), 74L (water)

4 tiers: Height - 1210mm, Capacity - 236L (compost), 93L (water)

5 tiers: Height - 1460mm, Capacity - 284L (compost), 112L (water)

6 tiers: Height - 1710mm, Capacity - 308L (compost), 121L (water)

7 tiers: Height 1960mm, Capacity 390L (compost), 130L (water)