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Partly Coated Fertiliser

Unique double nitrogen technology. Immediate and long-term effect. Environmentally friendly.

DuraTec -Double Nitrogen Technology:

■ DuraTec® combines two nitrogen technologies

– Stabilization of ammonium with DMPP

– Polymer coated granules to ensure a controlled nutrient release

■ Well suited for cash crops such as vegetables, fruits and other horticultural and agricultural crops

Compo-Expert Coating Technology:

■ Even thickness

– Ensuring high crop safety through controlled nutrient release

■ High elasticity – High safety;

– Mechanical damage is reduced to a minimum

■ Climate adapted release technology

– High frost resistance of the new coating, even under high temperature fluctuations


Blukorn & NovaTec

Granular NPK Fertilisers



Controlled Release Fertiliser

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Easygreen Mini

Speciality fine grade mineral fertiliser for turf