Easygreen mini

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Speciality Fine Grade Mineral Fertiliser for Turf

NPK compound fertilisers with immediate effect. Small granule size for better and homogenous spreading

Easygreen mini – Fine granule size for high value turf

Two NPK fine grade formulas designed for fairways, soccer pitches and other valuable turf fertilization requiring immediate nutrient supply.

■ 1 g Easygreen mini = approx. 100 granules

■ 8 times smaller granules than conventional NPK fertilizers

■ NPK fine grade fertilizer (1.0 – 2.5 mm)

■ All nutrients in one granule

■ Including vital micronutrients

Advantages of Easygreen Mini:

■ Better sward penetration and therefore less scorching

■ Optimal spreading

■ Less visibility of applied product

■ Quick dissolving after first irrigation



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