Fertilisers & Plant Nutrition 

We are agents for Engage Agro and ICL to cover all your fertiliser and plant nutrition needs. We have an extensive range of innovative products which are designed to provide efficient and effective crop nutrition. 

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Engage Agro Products

Engage Agro products offer quality crop nutrition products comprising of foliars, powders & liquid fertilisers. Engage Agro specialise in crop enhancement & nutritional products for agriculture, horticulture, turf & ornamentals. Their products are aimed at growers who desire higher yields and improved quality. 

Top fruit Products

For optimal quality in fruit crops, nutrient programming and timing is the key to success. Top Fruit products are aimed at targeting key nutrient periods to keep crops healthy, allowing growers to maximize fruit number, size and weight, while supporting key processes such as flowering, fruit expansion or fruit initiation.

ICL Fertiliser Products

Previously named as Scotts or Everrest Fertilisers, ICL supply fertilisers for all horticultural needs. Using a colour-coded system, there are seven varieties that have different uses depending on the plant and the growing conditions. These fertilisers give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive in any environment.