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With Double N Technology - Effecient and sustainable nutrient supply

The new slow-release fertilisers in the Floranid® Twin range are comprised of a unique combination of two highly efficient and well-proven nitrogen compounds, ISODUR® and CROTODUR®. This Double N Technology ensures a long-lasting and reliable supply of nitrogen at the highest possible utilisation rate and guarantees optimal plant growth for the successful implemen-tation of ambitious planting and care plans.

An overview of the Floranid Range:

■ Wide range of formulas adjusted to suit different areas of application.

■ Double N Technology with high levels of ISODUR® and CROTODUR® for reliable slow-release action.

■ Homogeneous granule size for easy application and a uniform spread pattern.

■ Granule for granule, identical nutrient formulation, no demixing is possible.

■ Contains macro- and micronutrients for optimal assimilation.

■ Micronutrient contents in the Floranid® Twin range have been adjusted and increased.



Partly coated fertiliser



Controlled Release Fertiliser


Blaukorn & NovaTec

Granular NPK Fertilisers