Ground Cover & Netting

JF McKenna offer are the principal supplier of GeView municipal community planters. We offer a wide range of self watering planters, designed to look great season after season, and will brighten up any communal area.

ground cover for web.jpg

Ground Cover

Our Dura-Tex Ground Cover can be used in glasshouses, nurseries & for landscaping. In addition to this we can offer you the Fibertex Capillary Netting or tour own JFM Shade / Windbreak netting.

Blacks Netting side view.jpg

Netting & Crop Protection

This Pagoda Hanging Basket is a large 20-inch octagonal basket, designed to look great season after season. It shares the same clever design features as the other Pagoda planters, such as a self-watering capillary matting allowing days without watering.


Crop Protection Fleece

If you're looking for a unique and stylish planter, then the geViews Plant Pagoda is the high-impact answer. The self-watering planter immediately grabs your attention, providing high style and colour to both urban and rural areas.