Engage Agro Europe Products

Engage Agro offer quality crop nutrition products comprising of foliars, powders & liquid fertilisers; these are all created to deliver good agronomy to the grower. Their product portfolio contains a range of innovative products which are designed to provide efficient and effective crop nutrition. 

Engage Agro specialises in crop enhancement & nutritional products for horticulture, turf & ornamentals aimed a growers who desire higher yields and improved produce quality. 

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Soil Surfactant

Aqualatus is a unique soil surfactant with outstanding qualities to benefit soil nutrition and moisture retention. Its formula makes it essential for the maximum distribution of water, nutrients, and pesticides to the root zone.  

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MAS Power

Maximising Foliar Nutrition

MAS-Power foliars are unique nutrient formulations, containing both trace elements and Engage Agro Europe’s MAS™ technology designed to rapidly address specific nutrient requirements and stresses, during critical growth stages of crops.

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Bio-Fortification for crops

The Fortify range is designed to provide essential elements in a unique formulation that aids a plant’s bio fortification process. It assists crops by maximising vascular flow and cellular processes to limit susceptibility to biotic stress.


Sion & Sentinel


The Silicon range of fertilisers, bring an innovative new silicon technology to professional growing. The unique formulations stabilises liquid silicic acid into a nutrient solution which is proven to be fully available to the plant via both foliar and root application.

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foliar calcium delivery

Opti-Cal is a foliar calcium delivery product which moves calcium in a completely new direction. Opti-Cal uses a collection of technical advancements to deliver a foliar calcium that works on the leaf like no other calcium fertiliser.

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Speciality Products

Brix Builder, Polli-Build, Pure Mix, Reactor

Our speciality range is part of Engage Agro Europe’s continued commitment to enhancing crop health, quality and yield for growers and farmers across Europe.