Engage Agro Europe specialises in crop enhancement and nutritional products for agriculture, horticulture, turf and ornamentals.

  • Our nutrient products are suitable for a wide range of crops and a variety of growing conditions.

  • These products are research-driven, with proven proprietary formulations that improve plant health and performance.

  • We specialise in the introduction and commercialisation of innovative, highly effective and economical solutions for growers and distributors.

  • Our product range is backed up by strong nutritional and agronomic support.

  • Engage Agro’s crop nutrition products address agricultural issues throughimproved agronomic practice.

aqualatus product.jpg


Aqualatus is a unique soil surfactant with outstanding qualities to benefit soil nutrition. 


MAS Power

MAS-Power foliars are unique nutrient formulations designed to address specific nutrient requirements and stresses during critical growth stages of crops.

Fortify product.jpg


Fortify is designed to provide essential elements in a unique formulation that aids a plant’s bio fortification process. 



The Silicon range of fertilisers, bring an innovative new silicon technology to professional growing, stabilising liquid silicic acid into a nutrient solution.



The Bio-Chel are a range of water and liquid soluble nutrients designed to enhance calcium stores in plants.



These unique products aid crop performance, optimise crop quality or provide protection against abiotic and biotic stress factors.